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By Nazih Abbouchi

The warmth and extended hours of sunshine that spring brings can entice buyers to leave their homes and to start looking for their next property. This increased level of competition amongst potential buyers can increase the sale price of your property if you use this buyer’s market to your advantage. Here are some tips to help you get the best sale price for your property in spring.

Look at your home with fresh eyes

When putting your property on the market, it is important that you stop considering the property as your own and get rid of anything which is too eccentric or unique which may dampen your chances of a good sale.

If you struggle to do this, maybe ask a friend or family member to walk through the house and point out to you what would turn them off buying. This can help to create a few changes to suit potential buyers. If you are painting or redecorating, opting for neutral colours is probably your best option, catering to the preferences of the majority of the market.

Clean and declutter

To get rid of any musty winter smells, make sure to open all of your windows and air your property. Also, get plenty of fresh air circulating throughout your home to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. Declutter your home and clear some floor space to give your property the illusion of a more luxurious and roomy property.

To further get your property ready for a sale, complete any minor repairs that need to be done before putting your property on the market. This could include minor paint touch-ups or changing some fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom to instantly modernise.

If you have some money to spare you could consider hiring a stylist to come in and style your home before open house inspections – they may be able to create the illusion of a more spacious or modern property.

Pros of selling your property in spring

Springtime can be one of the best times of the year to sell your property due to the increased amount of sunshine, warmth, and vibrancy. Generally, there are more buyers out looking for a new property compared to winter. More buyers mean increased competition for your property and a potentially higher sale price. Properties that go up for sale in spring tend to sell faster and for more money.

Cons of selling your property in spring

Despite all of the pros of selling in spring, choosing to market your property at this time can also have its downsides. Due to the increased number of properties on the market and the increased number of potential buyers out looking for a new home, buyers have a multitude of properties to choose from, which might mean in order to achieve a successful sale, you will have to work harder to make your property stand out.

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