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By Nazih Abbouchi


The open home is one of the most crucial times during your property’s sale. Dozens of people will peruse your home, inspecting every little detail in an attempt to figure out if yours is the place for them.

Some impressions will be decided by the basics: how many rooms there are, the price, and the size of the lawn. However, a great deal will be influenced by the little things you do around the home. What can you do to make the most of this opportunity to showcase your property at its best?

Clean, and de-clutter

The open home is one of the most crucial times during your property’s sale.

This one’s a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many sellers neglect to do the basics. Vacuum, dust, mop and scrub any and every surface that needs attention, even the places that aren’t obvious in case a nosy buyer decides to snoop. Smell is also an important consideration – make sure the air is clear with some vanilla extract or appealing scents.

If you don’t fancy yourself a cleaner don’t hesitate to shell out a couple hundred on a professional. Spending a small amount now could make you thousands more when the offers start rolling in.


For potential buyers, one of the most important parts of the open home process is visualisation. Imagining themselves in your property, cooking in your kitchen, relaxing in your lounge and sleeping in your bedroom.

The presence of too many personal effects, such as family photos, your kid’s framed graduation certificates or even your clothes on the line could stop this process in its tracks. Nothing drastic is required here, just store away your personal items during the open home.

Let the sun shine in

Open all the blinds, and crack windows to create a bright and breezy feeling.

Nothing will turn off those looking through your home more than dark, shadowy lighting. Everything will look dirtier, smaller and less appealing. Plus a dark home is usually a damp home – a first impression that could destroy your property’s sale.

Open all the blinds, and crack windows to create a bright and breezy feeling. Consider trimming back trees that overhang windows, obstructing sun from shining in.

If your home is naturally a little dark, turn on the lights even if it’s the middle of the day.

Hide the pets (and any sign of them)

Your little critters may be the light of your life, but home buyers may be put off by their presence. Never invite your furry friends to an open home as they may be adorable, but some buyers might find them annoying or even scary, struggling to imagine themselves in a home that once housed animals.

Drop Fido at a friend’s, or give him a vacation at the kennels and your bank account will be happier and healthier for it.

Get a second opinion

Always get a second opinion before opening your home to visitors.

Your home is your castle. As a result, you may be just a little biased towards it and miss something obvious that could turn off buyers. Always get a second opinion before opening your home to visitors, whether it’s from your estate agent, a friend or just your nosy next-door-neighbour.

They may be able to notice odd smells you’ve gotten used to, remnants of your pets or even suggest some interior decorating changes.

Be ready with the answers

If buyers are serious about your home they may ask questions during the open home to try and determine the property’s suitability. These might include:

  • What’s the renovation history?
  • Have you had a pest and building inspection?
  • Can I renovate in future?
  • How much are the council rates?
  • Are there any good schools nearby?
  • What are the neighbours like?

Not only should you expect these questions, but also prepare for them. Have all the necessary paperwork ready (rates bills, building and pest reports, renovation history) and consider your answers so that you don’t put your foot in it and hurt your chances of selling.

Take all of these tips into account, and come armed with a good real estate agent and you’re open home is sure to be a runaway success.

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