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By Nazih Abbouchi

Christmas is coming up faster than you can say “annual leave”. With the silly season upon us, you might think that most Australians are putting their property aspirations on the back burner, but CoreLogic RP Data’s auction clearance previews suggest otherwise.

This is what Australians want in their property stockings this year.

In the first week of December will see almost 2,000 auctions across the capital cities, and if last weeks’ results are anything to go by there are going to be a lot of new homeowners coming into Christmas.

If you’re thinking of moving on your dream property, or selling your own during the summer, knowing what the average Australian wants in a home will help to no end.

To offer a helping hand, we’ve whipped up a Christmas property wish list – this is what Australians want in their property stockings this year!


We know where a property is is extremely important, but what really makes a good location? A recent Westpac home buyers survey shed a little (Christmas) light on what sets good areas apart:

  • Safety was the most important consideration, with 65 per cent of respondents saying they focus on this when choosing a location.
  • Next was noise levels, with 55 per cent saying silence was key: Christmas lunch (or life in general) is no fun with a construction site banging away next door.
  • Third was public transport: Getting to work with ease might not be at the top of your list now, but come the end of the holidays proximity to public transport will be a massive convenience.
  • Further down the list was being close to friends and family: there’s no time of year when this is more important than Christmas!

If you’re looking at buying in the coming months, focusing on finding something in a location that fits these criteria could increase your property’s resale value, as well as making sure you’re happy in your home.


This is what the average Australian wants, but what’s on your property wish list?

Every home buyer is unique, and each person will want something a little different from their property. Perhaps a purpose-built movie room, a chef-quality kitchen for whipping up culinary masterpieces or just a couple extra rooms for visitors. Whatever you’re after, buying a property with certain features will surely make you happier in your home.

Multiple living areas is commonly recognised as a popular home feature. Frank Valentic a judge on the Block commented on the importance of this to the New Daily in February:

“This is particularly the case for families who have children. They are looking for  enough space to allow children to play in a separate area of the home.”

Jo Powell, of Melbourne’s 3 Peas Property Styling also commented to the New Daily saying that modern and stylish kitchens and bathrooms are equally as important:

“If one of these rooms is lacking, it can be overlooked, but if both rooms are lacking it can cost the sale.”

This is what the average Australian wants, but what’s on your property wish list?


If you make the right decisions your property could help you improve all your Christmases to come.

This one’s a no-brainer – every Australian wants a bargain when buying their home, but how exactly can you find one? First of all, buying just outside of the city might mean a lower price point, without sacrificing those value gains every homeowner wants.

Secondly, seeking professional help from a local real estate agent is a great way to make sure you can find something in your price bracket. On the other hand if you’re selling, putting your home in the hands of a professional will often mean a better result.

Money’s tight for most coming up to Christmas, but if you make the right decisions your property could help you improve all your Christmases to come!

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